You will never see kitchen cabinet hardware right after seeing this kitchen

We never thought we’d question the notion that a cabinet door should only have a single handle until we saw Elizabeth Baudouin and Natalie Shirinian’s kitchen featured in the New York Times Style Magazine this month. Each of the kitchen cabinet doors in the bungalow of the founders of NES Creative in Los Angeles has one, but two simple, round buttons – and makes us never want to go back to the norm.

It took a few tries to arrive at this inspiring end result. Elizabeth and Natalie first replaced the cabinets’ original pulls with plain black ones, but quickly realized they wanted to change course. “Once installed, I didn’t find them exciting and they are in so many kitchens,” explains Natalie. “So I thought, let’s change it and do something different.” She’d always liked the idea of ​​a modern space with Shaker-style details – why not try this by adding raw wood fittings to the modern kitchen cabinets?

However, given the stark white color and the sleek silhouette of the cabinets, Natalie knew that even in a contrasting material, knobs wouldn’t be enough to make a statement. “I wanted something that would pop the closets and get your attention,” says Natalie. “Several buttons seemed like the best choice.” The decision became even easier as two holes had already been drilled in each of the doors for the previous pulls.

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For the buttons themselves, Natalie chose the ones on the larger side to make sure the design doesn’t look too busy. (She found hers on eBay, but Build above also sells similar natural wooden buttons in a variety of sizes. All that’s left is to convince Elizabeth this is the way to go. “I was on board from the start “Said Natalie says.” Elizabeth was a little nervous because she doesn’t like the feel of raw wood. However, we compromised in the end and we decided to do it. “Aren’t you so glad they did?

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