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It doesn’t take long for exposed drywall to turn yellow if not primed.


My garage has drywall on the ceiling and walls that have been taped up but never painted or even seemingly primed. The house is 10 years old and the garage walls are slightly yellowed. Part of the tape is also a little wrinkled in some places. What do I have to do to be ready for primer and paint?

Tim Newcomb, Bridgewater, NJ


The drywall specialist Myron Ferguson answers: Cracked, loose or wrinkled tape needs to be repaired. However, I recommend sanding the entire surface with 220 grit sandpaper first. This will remove dirt, dust, and cobwebs, and give you the opportunity to inspect every surface. Look for cracked screws, knurled or countersunk seams, damaged areas, and cracked and loose tape. Repair and finish the tape as needed.

Without a primer, the drywall will begin to turn yellow within a few weeks. The yellow will bleed right through most light grout and typical drywall primer, which is why it’s important to prime right after the drywall primer is complete. In your case, a latex stain blocker is required. When the primer is dry, you can paint with a regular latex paint.

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