Wrentham reports damage to the town hall after the HVAC part burst

WRENTHAM – Parts of the town hall were damaged last weekend by a burst coil in a ceiling unit for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), city officials reported Tuesday.

In a press release from city administrator Kevin Sweet, the damage was described as “significant” and extensive, although no dollar amount has yet been allocated.

According to the city, parts of the building could remain closed for “several months” while repairs are carried out. Currently the entire building is closed to both the public and staff while the damage is being assessed.

According to the city, city officials discovered the damage to the building on Saturday morning, April 10th.

Much of the damage is described as “excessive water damage” in offices and hallways on the first and second floors of the building. The offices heavily affected include the public nurses office, appraisers, accounting and city administrators office.

Emergency services were called in over the weekend to begin assessing the damage and starting the clean-up work.

Continuing city operations amid a building lockdown has become a routine for city workers during the pandemic, and officials do not anticipate any material disruption to the community.

“After city officials closed City Hall for most of last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are already familiar with working remotely and caring for residents this way,” Sweet said of the city’s release on Tuesday afternoon.

He said officials are “confident that we can continue to provide a high level of service to all Wrentham residents despite the disruption caused by this damage.”

The city’s insurer worked to allow office trailer workers to work on site while the building is being repaired. These temporary facilities are expected to be operational next week.

Tuesday’s release revealed that a forensic review of the control system is being conducted throughout the property “to determine the exact cause of the incident.”

“The city will keep the public informed of the restoration of the building and the reopening for employees and the public,” the press release said.

A hallway in Wrentham Town Hall shows damage from the bursting of a coil in the HVAC ceiling unit.

The assessor’s office and town hall conference rooms are currently being relocated to the Fiske Public Library at 110 Randall Road.

Residents who need help from City Hall can call one of the following numbers:

Town clerk: 508-384-5415

Board of Selectmen / Administration: 508-384-5400

Public Health Nurses: 508-384-5485

Treasurer / Collector: 508-384-5413

Assessment Committee: 508-384-5408

Health Department: 508-384-5480

An office in Wrentham Town Hall that was damaged last weekend due to a burst coil in the HVAC ceiling unit.

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