Woodridge homeowners have months evicted due to a plumbing problem – NBC Chicago

A large group of condo owners and their families in Woodridge received notice last week that they may have to vacate their homes by December 17 and may not return until spring because the homeowners association had concerns about plumbing.

Local residents said between 20 and 30 families at Woodridge Country Club were affected and some said they had no place to go on such short notice.

“I pack my things and store them because I have no one to help me,” said home owner Suzzette Santiago. “There was no plan what to do.”

Some of the condos at Woodridge Country Club were hit by the tornado last summer and remain uninhabitable. However, other condominiums were barely damaged or not damaged at all and residents are still living in them.

“We have to find a new place to live. Our whole life is being turned upside down,” said homeowner Christine Cummings.

The homeowners’ association told homeowners in a letter last week that there is only one water shut-off valve for the entire building, which means that once the valve is closed, “there will be no water supply to all units in the building”. . “

“The association regrets this measure, of course, but it is necessary to prevent a significant freezing of the pipes, the associated damage to space / water and a possible risk to the safety of residents that would result from wintering the water.” the letter stated.

However, some question the timing of the notification.

“I feel like you knew that months ago, so so far you’ve waited two weeks, three weeks before Christmas when it’s cold outside,” said owner Yvonne Terry.

MC Property Management Corporation, which manages the property, did not respond to our repeated requests for comment.

Meanwhile, Woodridge Village said it is aware of what is happening to the homeowners.

Village manager Al Stonitsckh said the village had reached out to its non-profit partners to help affected homeowners find short-term or long-term housing and other needs.

The village encourages affected residents to call 630-719-2496 and leave a message detailing their needs.

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