Wood flooring ideas – 14 ways to create a beautiful foundation for your home

Wood flooring ideas have formed a beautiful foundation in homes across the world for centuries. The timeless elegance and charm of working with natural materials in interior design remains ever popular, with timber offering a durable and long-lasting design for flooring ideas.

Now more than ever, wood flooring ideas have come to the fore, with modern technologies enabling a plethora of patterns, textures and designs that weren’t readily available before. From luxury vinyl wood flooring to engineered wood floor designs that can be used with underfloor heating, there are options to integrate into homes of all styles that elegantly combine the past and the present.

Wood kitchen flooring is one of the most popular options for the home, with designers looking for a combination of durability and beauty for this busy, hardworking space. Heritage styles such as herringbone, basket weave and parquet have also seen a huge revival in popularity, adding inviting, rustic texture and appealing intricate patterns to hallways and living rooms alike.

You can achieve many different looks with wood flooring, with an array of contrasting colors, tones and finishes available. From the palest pine or Douglas Fir to darker tones of oak or walnut, and honey hues in between, there are plenty of ways to work wood flooring ideas into your decorating scheme.

We have gathered our favorite wood flooring ideas to provide you with some long-lasting inspiration for your home.

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