Woman saves thousands by faking marble kitchen counter with creative color trick

Renovating a kitchen can be an expensive task without the added expense of appliances and decor.

But one woman revealed how she redesigned her kitchen countertop on a budget – and it’s pretty awesome, really.

Jennifer regularly shares interior design inspiration and DIY tips and tricks on TikTok, where she is known as @jenniferlauraliving.

But everyone raves about how she saved £ 1,000 on a marble kitchen counter by painting the design herself.

In a video that has been viewed more than seven million times, Jennifer showed off how she turned her old-fashioned granite countertop into one worth showing off on a Pinterest board.

The first step was to paint the counter white with a roller.

Jennifer used a kit she bought on Amazon

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Then she used a DIY marble set she bought on Amazon and used a tiny brush to mimic the lines in a piece of marble.

She also smeared the lines with a larger brush to make it look like the real deal.

To complete the project, she coated the counter with gloss to protect it from wear and tear.

Woman on TikTok Sharing Money Saving Hack Painting Kitchen Countertop

It looked like marble

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Since its release, the video has garnered over 700,000 likes and 4,800 comments from impressed viewers who wanted to try it out for themselves.

One person wrote, “I’ve done exactly the same thing to myself. It looks so good when it’s done. Great job!”

Another commented, “The amount of confidence you have in your abilities to achieve this I never could, but it turned out to be beautiful, by the way.”

“That was sooooo creative,” said a third.

But there were a few people who were devastated when they saw their paint over the granite.

One person said, “But this granite was so beautiful,” to which another replied, “Are people stupid? This granite was so out of date, why are they all so upset?”

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