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A new post on tree care in winter has been posted on the website of EPS Landscaping and Tree Service LLC, a tree care and landscaping service in the Pembroke Pines area of ​​Florida. Winter can be a dangerous time for trees, which do a lot of work inside, even though they appear mostly dead on the outside. People can protect trees from the dangers of winter if they want their trees to live long, healthy lives and have lots of beautiful blooms in the spring.

First, trees should be pruned after their leaves have fallen, which happens in the fall, so you can more easily see which branches need pruning and also be able to get closer to the branches before you cut them, which allows for cleaner cuts. This is better for the trees, the soil they stand on, and the safety of the people who do the pruning work. It is advisable to always use a professional to prune trees as professionals know when to prune each type of tree and how to prune the tree, for the health of the tree and the safety of the people around and under the tree to guarantee . Trimming back in winter when it’s colder can help prevent the spread of disease and infestation in freshly felled wood, as they typically dormant in the colder months and only spread in warmer weather.

Pruning can increase the flower growth of flowering trees by reducing the stress on a tree and allowing it to use more energy while it is in bloom. The Arbor Day Foundation recommends pruning bushes and shrubs that bloom in mid to late summer, especially winter. Pruning a tree can also help remove branches that could break in an ice or snow storm, or in strong winds. Ice and snow can damage branches because they are heavy and can stress even the healthiest branches. Inspecting the tree for weak branches and then removing them is one way to minimize the risk of branches breaking and falling on the house, car, or power line, creating both a dangerous and an awkward situation. In addition to ice and snow, trees can also be stressed by extreme temperature fluctuations, such as freezing at night and heat during the day. Checking trees for damage and weak spots every few weeks or in cold weather can help prevent damage later that is harmful to both the tree and homeowners.

In winter, it can also be helpful to house trees, especially younger, smaller ones, to protect them from various hazards that they face in winter. For example, covering a delicate root system can prevent animals from chewing on it and protect them from the cold. Creating a shelter for small trees that are likely to break under the weight of ice or snow, such as the Japanese maple, or brushing snow off branches as it builds up can also help protect trees from damage. Ice should not be broken off a tree as there is a risk of branches breaking off.

EPS Landscaping and Tree Service LLC in the Pembroke Pines area is available to all property owners in and around Pembroke Pines, FL to assist with pruning and other landscaping. They can help prepare fragile trees for the dangerous winter, pruning them to encourage new growth, and aid with other protective measures.

Anyone looking to protect their trees from potential winter damage through pruning and other methods, as well as anyone with other landscaping needs, can call EPS Landscaping and Tree Service or visit their website for more information. The company is happy to send someone to learn more about the property and offer a quote for services. or other landscaping needs.


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