Window cleaning tips: How to keep windows sparkling and streak-free

With a thorough cleaning, the owners should make sure that no stone is left unturned. When it comes to cleaning windows, experts explained the best way to keep them spotless.

With many Britons still spending most of their time at home, it seems more important than ever to keep a property clean.

Dale Gillespie, Head of Acquisition at sofa and carpet specialist ScS, said: “Hygiene has been a top focus of people’s attention lately and many of us have used our extra time at home to clean them thoroughly.

“It is more important than ever to fight dirt and germs.”

Windows in a property need to be cleaned inside and out.

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Homeowners will find plenty of cleaning supplies on their way to the supermarket.

However, the steps involved in cleaning windows can be just as important as the products you use.

How to clean windows

ScS experts stated that there are a few steps that must be followed for the best results.


They said, “To clean your windows, brush off dirt and then apply lots of window cleaning spray, preferably one that sticks to the glass and won’t run.”

To keep windows streak-free, it’s important to wipe off excess product with the right tools.

Making sure the cloth you are using is clean will also remove stains.

“Wipe the panes with absorbent microfiber cloths or squeegees, as they don’t leave any streaks,” the experts continued.

“With plastic blinds, a slightly damp cloth can be used to remove more stubborn stains,” they continued.

“With types of wood, a light cleaning product like diluted detergent can be effective.

“Alternatively, some blinds can go in a washing machine, but always check the label and put them in a zipper bag when you do.”

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