Why you should invest in electronics stocks Plus four things you should know about inflation

The “Pick and Shovels” investment strategy uses a new gold mine as a metaphor. It says that once gold is found, the surest way to win is not to buy land near the first lucky prospector, but to open a shop nearby selling mining equipment to benefit from those who who do this.

The latest report by Citi analyst Martin Wilkie strongly argues that electronics stocks are the best investment for the power shortages affecting Europe and China, and for longer-term efforts to achieve net zero emissions and decarbonization.

There are some remarkable statistics in Mr Wilkie’s report. On the one hand, the European Commission estimates that there are eight billion electric motors in this region alone, which account for around half of electricity consumption. The analyst estimates that new motors and motor drives that control machine speed are being introduced by companies like ABB Ltd. “Can easily save 20 percent of electricity consumption”.

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According to the report, lighting accounts for over 15 percent of global electricity consumption. Citi believes that higher electricity prices will accelerate the transition to LED lighting. The US Department of Energy estimates that LED lighting currently accounts for 51 percent of outdoor lighting in the US, but only 30 percent indoors.

Mr. Wilkie lists three companies that he believes will benefit from these trends. ABB for motors and related sensors, Schneider Electric SE for energy management systems and Signify NV for lighting.

A research report published Wednesday by RBC Economics entitled The $ 2 Billion Transition: Canada’s Road to Net Zero highlighted the level of investment and commitment this country needs to meet its net zero emissions targets by 2050. In Canada and worldwide, energy management and protection through electrical devices will certainly play a major role.

– Scott Barlow, market strategist for Globe and Mail

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