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Replacement windows can be an excellent investment. All at once, they can update the look of your home, add comfort, add value to your home and save energy. We can look through our windows every day, but when and how to replace them if necessary is not always so clear. Below are answers to the questions many homeowners have about replacing windows.

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Q: What is the best time of year to install replacement windows?

A: Replacement windows can be installed year round, but fall could be the best time of the year. Replacement insert windows can be installed relatively quickly and easily by a professional and it can be ensured that not too much hot or cold air gets into the house. So the outside temperature doesn’t always play a major role. Above all, the weather should be dry. In many areas of the country, the weather in autumn is both dry and mild.

Q: What types of replacement windows are available?

A: There are two types of windows that are used as replacements. Full-frame windows are the windows that are used in new builds and renovations. When a house’s existing window frames need to be replaced along with the window panes, full frame window replacements are used. This is the more expensive way to replace windows.

Insert windows, also known as pocket windows, are replacement windows that are simply built into the existing window frame. They are far less expensive than full-frame windows and offer many of the same energy efficiency and aesthetic benefits. They can be supplied in any shape, size or style you want.

Q: How do you know what type of replacement window you need?

A: Replacement window inserts can be used in most wooden framed window frames. As long as the existing frames are in good condition, insert windows can be installed. In many situations the existing frames need to be repaired to accommodate new inserts. Repairs can usually be done during installation.

Window frames that can no longer be reasonably repaired, or window frames made of vinyl or composite materials, require replacement of full-frame windows.

Q: Is it worth changing windows?

A: Older windows are notorious for being leaky and inefficient. New window technology and assembly methods are constantly being improved. By installing new windows, whether insert or full-frame windows, you can achieve a return of up to 80% when selling your house. Coupled with the savings you see on your energy bill, window replacement costs can often be quickly offset.

Further advantages are the possibility of enhancing the appearance of your house, avoiding future damage from defective windows and avoiding uncomfortable window drafts.

Q: How do you know when to replace your windows?

A: Anytime you see damage anywhere on your windows, it’s a good time to have an expert examine it to see if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Damage can be caused by water or insects and it is important to know which ones as they require different strategies to repair. Windows that are difficult to use or that no longer stay open on their own may need to be replaced.

Windows have an average lifespan of around 20 to 30 years. Homes with older windows are likely to benefit from replacing the windows.

Q: Should you repair or replace your windows?

A: A window replacement company’s best interest is to sell you new windows. If you are unsure about whether to replace or repair your windows, I recommend calling a contractor who will do both window repairs and window replacements.

When windows reach a point where you are considering working on them, it is often cheaper to replace than repair them. If you do not do any other work on your house and it is obvious that the windows need to be replaced, a window specialist can usually offer the installation more cheaply than a general contractor.

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