What To Know Before You Buy Hardwood Floors For Your Kitchen

When you’re making a major decision regarding a home renovation project, one place to start is by thinking about the benefits of the various options you’re considering. MacDonald Hardwoods highlights numerous advantages of installing hardwood floors in the kitchen. As they share, several types of hardwood are very durable. Choosing one of the woods that ranks high on the Janka hardness chart shared by Superior Hardwood Flooring, such as Santos Mahogany, can provide you with confidence that your floors will continue to look great and hold up, even with the heavy traffic typical in many kitchens .

Cleaning this flooring is also relatively simple. A weekly vacuuming and once-over with a mop is all that is typically needed to keep them looking their best. Compared to tile, which is hard and cold, hardwood flooring can be more comfortable to stand on. They are softer than tile and stays warmer, especially during the cold winter months. Additionally, hardwood floors can even help improve the air quality in a home. They don’t hold allergens, so you may notice improved airflow in your kitchen after making the switch from another type of flooring.

Another benefit of choosing hardwood floors is their beauty. There are several different wood tones to choose from, and each can offer a different feel to enhance the look of a kitchen. Installing them may even make your kitchen feel bigger. When the longer planks span the length of the kitchen, it can trick the eyes into thinking that the space is larger than it is. Finally, due to all of these benefits, hardwood floors can even help boost your home value. Prospective buyers appreciate the beauty, durability, and longevity of these floors and may factor that in when making an offer on your home.

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