What Are The Different Types Of Wooden Fences To Consider?

Cypress, yet another popular choice for wooden fences, can make up your entire fence, or you can combine it with another wood — typically, pine — as noted by Paramount Fencing. Because cypress contains the preservative oil cypressene, it’s also naturally resistant to insects; note, however, that this quality is not fully developed until a cypress tree reaches 75 years of age.

Cypress also gives you another rot-resistant alternative for outdoor wooden fencing. As is the case with other types of wood, if you can obtain the heartwood, then your cypress will most likely have the true qualities of insect and rot resistance. Another variety to look for is the “sinker cypress,” which gets its name from having fallen into the river and sunk during the early part of the previous century.

However, this type tends to carry a high price tag. Although cypress proves to be resilient, staining and sealing your fence will still prolong its lifespan.

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