What Are the Different Types of Kitchen Cabinet Doors?

Renovating your kitchen can increase the value of your home and lead to a 77% return on your investment. Installing kitchen cabinet doors can bring your entire design to life. Many types of kitchen cabinet doors can complete your design.

Are you trying to understand all the different types of kitchen cabinet doors? Keep reading, and we’ll explain some of the most popular options available and what they can do for your kitchen remodel.

Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors

While expensive, many people love glass cabinet doors. When choosing kitchen cabinet door types, glass is the perfect option if you want your kitchen to feel brighter. Another benefit is that you can see what’s in each cabinet.

Many glass cabinets will let you pick the wood frames. You can get creative in the details of the wood frame, whether it’s paint color or carving. It’s also popular to add spotlights inside the cabinet so it feels like a display case.

Glass Options

Transparent glass works for every kitchen. No matter what your other design choices are, the transparent glass will match. You can always see everything in the cabinets.

Frosted glass gives hints at what’s in your cabinets. The sleek look makes it perfect for modern kitchens

Embossed glass has patterns across the glass that makes it stand out. This is a great choice if you want a creative, artistic twist on your cabinet.

natural hardwood

If you want something classic that can adapt to new trends, hardwood is the way to go. It has the texture of the natural wood finish. New construction methods have made these cabinets stronger, which means they won’t warp.

After installing kitchen cabinet doors made from natural hardwood, you do need to perform regular upkeep. The best way to keep your cabinets looking great is by adding a new coat of paint or stain. Stain can seal the wood and prevent spills, dirt, or debris from soaking in and staining the hardwood.

Bright Colors VS Neutral Tones

Every cabinet buying guide contributes to the debate between neutral-toned versus brightly colored cabinets. Neutral toned cabinets are greys, white, black, and brown towns. Bright colors are bolder and more dramatic than neutral tones.

Neutral tones are great when thinking about reselling. Neutral colors allow prospective homeowners to imagine their aesthetic in the kitchen. Even if you aren’t selling, neutral tones will work with any appliances or countertop.

Bright tones will provide a unique and individualized look in your kitchen. If you love standing out against the crowd, you should install brighter cabinets. Depending on the color you pick, it can change how you feel when working in your kitchen.

Types of hinges

One of the most important questions to ask an installer about your cabinets is: what type of hinges will work for my space? Each hinge will provide a different look for your kitchen.

Pocket cabinets swing out like a traditional cabinet. But, you can slide them back into a wall pocket. This reduces disruptions to other cabinets if you need the door to stay open.

Flip lift kitchen cabinet doors use hydraulic hinges to move the door up and support it when open. This is a unique hinge that won’t block other cabinets when it’s open. You just want to make sure when it is open, you can still reach it to close it.

Swing doors are the standard hinge type that works with any cabinet style. The doors will swing to the side. The hinges are also easy to maintain.

Pick the Perfect Types of Cabinet Doors for Your Home Today

There are many types of kitchen cabinet doors. Each of these door types can combine with different hinges to provide your home with a personalized appearance. Pick out the perfect cabinets today and bring your kitchen remodel dreams to life!

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