Western Pest Services Helps Local Churches Open Up To Worship Services – PCT

PARSIPPANY, NJ – Churches prepare to open their doors to more and more parishioners as capacity constraints gradually relax. Pests and pathogens could dampen that and all of the people who have missed their community. In order to prepare these churches for face-to-face services, Western Pest Services stepped in to help.

The First Presbyterian Church in Rutherford, New Jersey, has been a place of worship for over 150 years. Their community outreach programs – before and during the pandemic – extend well beyond their local community. After the destruction of New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina, the First Presbyterian Church in Rutherford adopted a Presbyterian Church there to help rebuild and restore its building. They offer online services but are ready to reopen their doors due to the easing restrictions.

In order to safely open these doors and provide their first personal services in over a year, Carlos Navarro, Senior Account Executive at our Paramus office, has decided to contribute. Navarro said, “I was able to offer a successful Western PurClean service as a courtesy to the Church. It was a pleasure and her kind words made it all worth it. “

Rev. Peter Wilkinson is extremely pleased with the service, which states that Navarro “has really helped us in this important endeavor”. He didn’t stop there. He added, “On behalf of the First Presbyterian Church, Rutherford, I would like to thank you and the Western Pest Services team for disinfecting our service room in preparation for our personal service. You explained the process very well and the process was exactly as you described it. We appreciated the time and detail it took to get the job done well and properly. “

The Divine Mercy Parish in Vineland, New Jersey had a different problem. Bats had found their way into the church and settled down. The church has existed for almost 60 years. During this time they have offered youth groups, book clubs and prayer groups and have celebrated countless marriages, quinceañeras, baptisms and confirmations. Bats in a building can not only pose health risks, but also prevent people from entering.

With a lift donated by Rental Country of Vineland, western technician Sal Scarpulla, Cape May store manager Will Steele and service manager Todd Parziale jumped into action. They donated their time to hang a net at the front of the church so the bats could safely forage but not get back inside. Bats are a protected species, so they treated them carefully and safely. They will also return to safely remove some birds from other areas and plug the holes they got in with.

Janette Arroyo, an accountant at Divine Mercy Parish, was very grateful. She noted that they “have had problems with bats accessing our church for some time”. Since they operate on a very tight margin, they knew that while they needed to address the problem, they were concerned about the costs involved. She said, “Western plague came through for us when we needed it most. Her generosity only reinforces her commitment to her customers. “

Not only did she acknowledge the donation made by the service, she added: “We have been satisfied customers for many years. We serve a large public and it is very important to us to keep our facilities free from pests. We partnered with Western Pest because they share the same values. They are reliable and experts in their field. The technicians are always very polite and competent. “

Western Pest Services has provided wildlife exclusion services to households and businesses in the three-state region for years. They know the rules and restrictions surrounding the many rodents and birds that can find their way into buildings and how to safely and effectively encourage them to keep going while making sure they don’t come back. They strive not only to keep these animals and the health threats they can bring away from humans, but also to bring them back into the ecosystem where they can do their best.

Western Pest Services expanded its offering in 2020 amid the COVID-19 crisis with its Western PurClean disinfection service. It’s a treatment that helps households and businesses quickly kill a wide range of pathogens and stop viruses from spreading. In addition to misting up hard-to-reach areas, treatment focuses on wiping hard-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, countertops, and seating areas, as these are the most common places viruses can linger and spread quickly from person to person. Visit royalpest.com for more information.

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