West Seattle Blog… | Other work around The Hole: wooden fences in the mini park

Thanks to Marilyn For email, ask about the wooden fence on the southeast edge of The hole (Fauntleroy / Alaska / 39th) late today; Then we took a few photos. Along with the concrete barricades noted here two weeks ago, the fence is part of what was promised a month ago by the agency that made the note for the stalled construction site in their reply to a letter from the Southwest District Council, Designed by West Seattle Junction Association executive Director Susan Melrose.

The triangular area on the southeast corner that the fence will now serve as a backdrop is actually a publicly owned mini-mini-park, and part of the complaint about the chain-link fences around The Hole was that this location was made inaccessible. For perspective, here’s a wider view looking east at the back of the fence from the other side of the hole (that’s the 76 station in the background on the right and the shortcut Construction site with the yellow cover):

In the meantime, the litigation continues. On the online file for the case where multiple lawsuits are combined, up to 300 separate lawsuits have been filed in the past 14 months. If the case is not resolved sooner, the process is scheduled for this October. The potential new owners of the site have not publicly discussed their plan in the event they should become owners. whole food informed us a few weeks ago that there might be news at the moment regarding the status of the lease for a new business, but they have not yet responded to our messages left earlier this week.

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