Wellhouse Housing Association invests nearly £ 250,000 in window replacement program

Wellhouse Housing Company announced that it is now running a window replacement program worth nearly £ 250,000.

By the end of October, almost 300 windows in 55 apartments should be modernized and the work delayed due to COVID should be completed.

The work is part of the forward-thinking housing company’s ongoing investment program, which is focused on providing properties that tenants proudly call home.

£ 3.1 million is earmarked for investments in the current housing stock over the next four years, including modernizing kitchens, bathrooms, and exterior work on the homes and the surrounding area.

To date, since April 2021, £ 153,000 has been spent to maintain the housing stock, which now comprises almost 800 homes. This also includes £ 80,000 for porches to ensure the homes are sustainable and protected from the unpredictable Glasgow weather.

The window replacement is carried out by Sidey Solutions Ltd and welcomed by the tenants.

Mr. and Mrs. McCann, who live on Bartiebeith Road, says: “We are enthusiastic about our new windows and the work done. The fitters were very clean and did a first class job. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Maureen Morris, Chair of the Wellhouse Housing Association, added, “Our focus is on making Wellhouse an attractive place where people can enjoy life in a good home in a vibrant community.

“So it is important that we continue to invest in our homes and this remains a major focus for the organization and we are proud that work on the window replacement program is starting.”

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