Voroly Solar Garden Light Scene Torch

Product description: Auto on / off solar lighting for yard garden party and festival decoration.

PRODUCT FEATURES: Unique flame design: These flashlights prove to be a very safe alternative to the real flames as they do not carry real fire. Environmentally friendly and durable: no battery is required.

Weather Resistant: It is resistant to all weather conditions all year round, including hot summers, snowy winters, and heavy rains.

Easy installation: In conjunction with a long grinded plastic pipe and a mandrel, it is easy to install and insert the floor.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: Solar torch lights. A safe alternative to real flames with a beautiful design for dancing flames that create a charming ambience for all four seasons.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: You can enjoy the beautiful light lamp even in the event of a power failure or without a fire. Directly from solar energy.

AVAILABILITY: The product is available on the e-commerce website for INR 990 at. https://amzn.to/2MtOor0

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