[VIDEO] Volvo brings 8-foot pavers to Conexpo

Aspvo Construction Equipment P5110B wheeled and P5170B wheeled asphalt pavers are 8 foot units that can be paved to 18 feet with extensions.

The asphalt pavers fit into the company’s product range between the P4410B and 7000B series models.

The 5000B series pavers use a Volvo D6 Tier 4-F engine with 173 horsepower, which is the same engine used on the L60H through L90H wheel loaders. Engine speed, torque and fuel economy are optimized for fuel efficiency and average 3.7 gallons per hour for the 5110B and 3.3 gallons per hour for the 5170B.

The large capacity hopper has rolled 1-inch steel blades that prevent material build-up and reduce cleaning time. Sound sensors regulate the flow of asphalt and the delivery. The P5170B also has the option of a front wheel assistant for additional traction and gradeability.

The UltiMat160 screed has extensions with which the paving width can be hydraulically adjusted from 8 to 16 feet. The front-mounted extension of the screed supports the material head control in the screw channel and thus ensures a high-quality finish. Optional bolt-on extensions allow up to 18 feet of paving and can be quickly added or removed thanks to Volvo’s quick connect system.

The pavers have ground-level access to shared maintenance areas, filters, hydraulic test connections and fuel / DEF tanks. Grease-free bearings in the auger and in the conveyor belt as well as wear parts in the hopper, which are easily accessible and replaceable, also facilitate the maintenance of these machines.

Below is a video produced by Volvo.

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