VI publishes report on megatrends that will affect the vinyl industry in the next decade

In a year of short-term issues like supply chain disruptions, it’s important to look to the horizon. Our Megatrends Report is a compilation of what we expect for the industry over the next 10 years.

The Vinyl Institute (VI) published its Megatrends Report at its annual industry conference, which identified 10 trends that could affect the vinyl industry over the next 10 years. The report identified megatrends as powerful, transformative forces that will impact the global vinyl industry.

The megatrends identified by the Vinyl Institute include, in alphabetical order:

  • Climate change

  • Data analysis and digital connectivity
  • Decentralized financing
  • globalization
  • Health and wellness
  • Population shift
  • Resource constraints
  • Social responsibility
  • transparency
  • Resilience of the workforce

According to a survey of VI members earlier this year, members ranked the top trends that could have the greatest impact, including climate change, resource constraints, and social responsibility, as the top three.

During VI’s annual Vinyl360 conference last week, VI President and CEO Ned Monroe hosted panel discussions that discussed various topics such as globalization, decentralized finance and transparency. The audience agreed that many of the trends were interrelated and presented both opportunities and threats to the industry.

“In a year in which we are grappling with short-term problems such as interruptions in the supply chain, it is important to also look to the horizon. Our Megatrends Report is a compilation of what we expect for the industry over the next 10 years, ”said Ned Monroe, President and CEO of the Vinyl Institute. “It identifies opportunities for members of the vinyl value chain to work together on solutions that can advance our industry and combat potential threats.”

The report was produced through in-depth interviews, research and surveys of the members of the association and leading authorities.

Find out more about the VI Megatrend Report:

About the vinyl institute

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