Veteran surprises with new HVAC system

BALTIMORE – A local veteran said he was especially grateful this year after being given a $ 10,000 upgrade to his home. Jeffery Holland, who served in the Air Force for 9 years, was surprised to win a new HVAC system from Blue Dot.

Every year Blue Dot selects a family to donate a new heating and cooling system. This year there were veterans of the group who could be nominated as award winners. Laura Holland said she saw a post on social media announcing Blue Dot that they would pick a veteran and she knew her son Jeff Holland and his three children needed him.

“I couldn’t be happier that they picked him. He texted me saying I had just been nominated for an HVAC system and I said you were welcome because he didn’t know I was, ”said Laura Holland.

Jeff and his family were selected as winners from around 30 submissions.

Jeff, who is retired with the Air Force, said his system had failed him since he moved into the house 4 years ago, so it felt good to finally have the problem resolved.

“It’s been quite a disaster since we moved in, to say the least, it leaked pretty badly and didn’t hold a load that the air conditioning didn’t have,” said Jeff Holland.

He lost his job as a cook during the pandemic last year and struggled to keep his house temperatures comfortable due to an outdated system.

“We just took all of the window units this year and the heat kind of warmed the house, but it’s like 30 years old,” Jeff said.

But on Wednesday, Matt O’Neill, the comfort advisor at Blue Dot, said Jeff was surprised when Blue Dot came and upgraded him.

“He had a 30-year-old stove and a 25-year-old air conditioner, both of which were failing. We came today and ripped out the old stove and air conditioner and put it in a brand new carrier furnace line, air conditioner and chimney liner, ”said O’Neill.

Now Jeff and his mother told Laura that they are both grateful that the family can now feel comfortable in their home.

“So I don’t have to worry about them now, because I know they’ll be nice and cool in summer and nice and warm in winter,” said Laura. .

“That made our vacation so much better,” said Jeff.

This competition usually takes place once a year, but over the past two years Blue Dot has selected two lucky winners to get early Christmas presents that the whole family can benefit from.

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