Vancouver Painting Company, Pure Luxe Painting, now offers home painting

Vancouver Painting Company, Pure Luxe Painting

… Pure Luxe attaches particular importance to the washing, filling, sanding and priming of surfaces before two layers of high-quality standard paints are given the surface desired by the customer.

Pure Luxe Painting, a Vancouver-based painting company, recently announced it would begin painting in residential areas in Canada. With the aim of filling the niche in the market and delivering high quality paintwork to all customers, Pure Luxe Painting has built a solid reputation in its business area. The latest addition to the company’s portfolio is home painting, which is further divided into two industries. The first is interior painting, which involves styling and coloring interiors, and the second is exterior painting, which is done for all of the exterior surfaces of a house.

Vancouver Painter & Home Painting

Unlike commercial painting, home services require a unique combination of high quality and durable painting combined with the latest in fashion and personal style. This is especially true for interior painting as the interior of a house directly reflects the homeowner’s tastes in color and design. When it comes to exterior paintwork, durability is what counts most, as the paint has to withstand harsh weather, rainy season and the sun.

As a renowned painter in Vancouver, Pure Luxe places particular emphasis on washing, filling, sanding and priming surfaces before two coats of superior standard colors achieve the finish desired by the customer. For exterior surfaces, the paint company in Vancouver also cleans all areas that need to be painted.

about the company

Pure Luxe Painting is a premium painting company dedicated to providing the best possible service to customers in Canada. With the basic values ​​of honesty, integrity and trust, Pure Luxe Painting has well-established systems, processes and good communication. The company’s vision is to become the first painting company in the country, with seamless service from the first contact to the final inspection.

It provides ongoing training for all painters, appraisers and managers of its employees to ensure that the client’s expectations are exceeded. The company focuses immovably on all stakeholders and sets high quality standards from hiring and training to communication and execution of the order.

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