Upgrading your garage door can be affordable and easy

Since most developments do not allow outbuildings such as sheds and workshops, the garages have become their work, storage, kennel and escape area for many homeowners.

It is used by the spouse who is always working on a home project or car repair. With the advent of roof trusses and garage storage systems, many garages have been converted into storage sheds. Yes, it is often the makeshift kennel for pets. and garages have become escape rooms for human caves, smoking lounges and hobby areas. The problem for many garages is that the doors do not do justice to these multiple uses. However, your garages can be upgraded to better suit your needs.

An uninsulated steel garage door in Florida can heat up a garage, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. These sleek doors literally radiate warmth in the garages and the temperatures are unbearable in summer. Most northern homeowners are used to insulated doors due to the cold winters, but an insulated door in Florida is of great value in bringing down temperatures in the hot summers. Most garage doors can be upgraded with insulation panels and are well worth the investment, especially if people or pets spend time in their garage.

Speaking of four-legged friends, a ventilated floor panel on a garage door is great for pets and an inevitable upgrade. If you plan to use your garage door for a kennel, good ventilation is a good idea.

Most development houses have steel garage doors with no light inserts, which makes the garage extremely dark, especially if there are no windows in the walls. Another great upgrade for garage doors is the installation of emergency lights. You will be amazed how it brightens up the garage and how it makes your job easier. It is equally important that lights in garage doors prevent accidents and help open the doors in the event of a power failure.

Another good upgrade to consider before summer is a garage door screen. This allows you to fully open the doors and work in your garage without any errors. Most garage door screens in the area roll to one side or the other on a rail, but automatic canister screens are becoming increasingly popular. Anyone who works in a garage at dusk knows the mosquitoes are rough, which makes this a great upgrade.

Also, don’t forget to service your garage doors before summer to keep them working well in hot weather. Colder temperatures, even in Florida, can result in springs and rollers not being properly adjusted.

After all, a garage door is only as good as the openers and remote controls. Now is the time to check batteries in remote controls and replace malfunctioning operators. Imagine a keyless opener on the outside of your garage door to allow code access by family, service staff, and yourself when you don’t have a remote control on hand. It does not require electricity and installation is quick and easy. This is a great upgrade and very affordable.

Living space is extremely expensive and when you can use more of your garage efficiently, upgrading garage doors or openers is a wonderful investment. Get your garage doors ready today before the heat starts this summer.

Don Magruder is the CEO of Ro-Mac Lumber & Supply, Inc., and he also hosts the show “Around the House” which can be seen on AroundtheHouse.TV

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