Update your home with a new floor

Kristie Prince Hale at 50 Floor shares with Quincy and Ashley how easy it is to upgrade our floors to 50 Floor.

While Covid means being safe means not making unnecessary trips to stores where 50 Floor arrives. They bring the showroom to your home!

After the free consultation at home and after you have chosen your new favorite flooring, work begins. In many cases, 50 Floor can come in and complete the projects in just one day. How easy is it

New call to action

April is a great month to shop at 50 Floor! This month (April 2021), 50 Floor is offering a 60% to 60% discount on materials. AND if you mention Living 757, you’ll save an additional $ 100! Why wait with such a deal?!?

Call 50 Floor now and take advantage of the great April deals to finally get rid of the eyesore you’ve been looking at – and moving on. Don’t hesitate – call 877-50-Floor today!

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