Upcoming Webinar: SMS Marketing 101 For Pest Control Companies – PCT

FREDERICKSBURG, VA. – Everyone agrees it has been an unprecedented year for companies serving the structural pest control industry, including members of the United Producers, Formulators & Distributors Association (UPFDA), who will practically meet at their annual spring conference on April 21st. This year’s event aims to help UPFDA members “navigate the new business world” sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, said Executive Director Andrea Coron.

What sustainable protocols and strategies will you put in place to ensure continued growth and development of your company? How are you going to build meaningful B2B relationships in this new hybrid personal / virtual business world? And when the pressure builds, do you have confidence in the pressure cooker that will allow you to prevail when things get tough? These are the training sessions scheduled for the UPFDA Spring Conference with an All-Star series of speakers including:

• Large companies, regardless of size, require exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, well-designed planning, teamwork, implementation and execution, according to Greg Clendenin, CEO of Clendenin Consulting Group, a company with deep roots in the structural pest control industry. In this informative training session on sustainable protocols and strategies, you will learn the keys to long-term business growth from an industry leader who has a proven track record of success with well-known companies including Middleton Lawn & Pest Control, Sears Authorized Termite & Pest Control, and Heron Home & Outdoor.

• Kevin Sweeney is the only person to have successfully landed a KC-135, the military version of the four-engine Boeing 707 jet, after two of its four engines were completely ripped off the aircraft during a night combat mission in the Gulf War. This challenging experience taught him to think on his feet and to be highly flexible, essential qualities for any successful business professional. Through his lecture “Pressure cooker trust: How to lead when the heat is on”, the participants learn how to shine with certain techniques on hard days in order to maintain calm composure in the event of changes and / or challenges.

• Mark DiNunzio, President of MarketPoint Solution, brings more than 30 years of hands-on business experience to his session dedicated to building meaningful B2B relationships. Business models have changed dramatically in the past year due to the global pandemic. Some people enjoyed it and may now prefer to do business in a virtual arena. How has customer loyalty changed in the last year and what lessons will we learn? Find out more in this informative hour-long session. A sought-after sales, marketing, and leadership consultant, DiNunzio is able to break down complicated business challenges into their most rudimentary, solvable elements. DiNunzio is an accredited Executive Associate of the Institute for Independent Business and a certified and licensed strategic planning consultant.

Register online today at www.upfda.com/event-info/upfda-virtual-spring-conference-2021 to virtually join other UPFDA members for an afternoon of learning and Connect networking. Registrants who register by Tuesday April 6th will also receive a UPFDA coffee mug.

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