Universal Iron Doors Manufactures Custom Iron Doors That Protect and Enhance US Properties – Press Release

Universal Iron Doors is dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best wrought iron doors.

Beautiful custom made wrought iron doors are the ideal way to impress visitors to a property and keep intruders out. Universal Iron Doors is one of the leading iron door distributors in the country, specializing in making iron doors to suit every style, taste and size.

Customers can choose between single and double entry iron doors in any aesthetic imaginable, from Gothic swirls to modern geometric shapes. Every iron door is a work of art and a functional good. It is unique and made to order by experienced craftsmen in their own factory. With no visible welds and with an emphasis on details, each door is finished to an extremely high standard.

However, customers looking for strength and durability won’t be disappointed. Universal’s iron doors are made from the thickest 12-gauge steel. To withstand extreme hot and cold weather conditions, the doors are insulated with polyurethane foam and provided with high-performance weather protection. The iron doors are installed with low e-factor toughened double glass with no rating in a pivoting inner frame for easy access and cleaning. Even when the outside temperature rises, the inside of the door feels cool.

Despite the weight of the iron doors, they can be as light as a feather to open and close. The doors are hung on each door with two specially made pin hinges. Each hinge can hold up to 100 kg, which is nowhere near the weight of the doors, making the doors easy for everyone to use.

Universal Iron Doors and its subsidiary I Want That Door are located in Los Angeles, CA. The company’s Texas-based office, Bighorn Iron Doors, is located in Dallas.

In addition to wrought iron doors, Universal Iron Doors also makes French, double-fold and pivoting iron doors, including iron garage doors and gates, as well as frameless glass garage doors, French steel windows and wine cellar doors.

The company is run by Marat and Sam Kapukchyan in a 27,000 square foot building in Sun Valley, California that includes a warehouse and manufacturing facility, administration department and showroom.

The brothers Marat and Sam Kapukchyan are among the most competent in their field and are fifth generation blacksmiths. You come from a family that has been in the iron business for over 150 years. Learning the trade as a boy, Marat founded Universal Iron Doors and Hardware Inc. in 2006. He began designing and manufacturing his own ironworks in his manufacturing facility. Marat’s brother Sam joined him the following year as General Manager and Marketing Executive, and the business flourished.

The company offers free consultation, low prices, a two-year warranty on all doors, and shipping to all states.

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