Unit 5 approves $ 5.5 million bonds for geothermal HVAC projects on Local Education

Alan Kalitzky, vice chairman of the board of directors and member of the facility committee, said these projects offer “a very clear return on investment”.

“These types of projects and activities have shown time and time again that these are actually cost savers or avoiders for the public, and that we can help keep some of that taxpayer money down for future opportunities and ensure that we invest in programming some those longer term projects or finding sources of income for longer term projects based on the actions we have taken today, ”he said.

Schools across the country are working to get students back into the classroom, but that poses some hurdles. States like Illinois and Massachusetts only require three feet of student space, and now others like Oregon are considering it. The CDC still recommends six feet away, but Director Rochelle Walensky says they are considering this new option. She said, “Once we released our guide, one of the biggest challenges we became aware of was the fact that schools had one. It’s hard with the 6 foot guide. … We are carefully taking all of this data down and check our instructions again in this regard. “

Marty Hickman, CFO of Unit 5, said these bonds are not expected to affect the tax rate for the next year and will be minimal for the first few years.

“The bond will have a slightly higher impact in the years to come than if we hadn’t sold it,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer Amy Roser said the board was not a light-hearted decision maker, “especially given the economic times many in our county are currently facing. But we have also looked at the health life, safety and conditions of our children in a particular school who need a better learning environment and we have prioritized that. “

Block 5 also plans to use federal COVID aids to improve indoor air quality. That includes installing bipolar ionization technology that has been shown to reduce the spread of infectious diseases in the community, Adelman said.

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