Twin City garage door gets creative with a new showroom

2:36 pm | Saturday 9th January 2021

A New Hope-based garage repair and installation company renovated their showroom with dramatic results.

Residents and business owners have relied on Twin City garage doors for more than 50 years.

“I would say our biggest commercial contract was the US Bank Stadium with all the garage doors and full glass doors in the stadium,” said Travis Ostroviak, project manager for Twin City garage doors.

The company is busy year round, even amid a pandemic.

“We’ve already had five people call and say their garage doors weren’t working and it’s really cold,” Ostroviak said.

Known for its fast and quality service, Twin City Garage Door has earned a good footprint in the subway space. But over the past month, the customer service at Twin City Garage Door just got better.

“This new building has been renovated,” said Ostroviak. “We moved from the old side of the building and took up a lot of storage space.”

The showroom is now modernized with chic garage doors that lead to offices. It’s also spacious and interactive.

Twin City garage door office.

“When people come in and see how they work, how they sound, we can push a button and let the garage door go up in some places,” Ostroviak said.

Before this new concept, the showroom was “completely different”.

“I would say very archaic, very old. People were kind of tight in certain places. The showroom was the size of this conference room. We can’t even compare apples to apples to what the old room looked like, ”explained Ostroviak.

The project manager said customers are excited about the new look.

“We’re really going to be able to open doors to the outside in the summer where people can just walk in. We’ll be able to thank customers for days and days to return. We will be able to do so many things in this room, ”said Ostroviak.

Ostroviak said, however, that the new space is far more than an updated showroom and gives the hardworking staff a familiar feel.

“It was something that had to happen a long time ago and it just finally happened,” he said.

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