Turn your home into a spa that you would love to travel to

Christa Adymy, Buffalo Sales Manager, was looking forward to a little spa weekend in the Arizona desert with friends. But 2020 had other ideas. A spike in coronavirus cases and ongoing travel restrictions have impacted their self-sufficiency plans – and for many others in the area who crave warmth and pampering after a long year of pandemic.

Moving on to Plan B. With squatting becoming increasingly important, creating a spa-like retreat is not only optional, but essential. Whether you are budget conscious or are spending a lot of money, here are some ideas on how to transform your home into a spa that you would love to travel to.

Bring the warmth: mobile saunas for a wonderful spa stay

The mobile cloudberry sauna in the spa fleet.

Nils Schlebusch

Can’t you come to Arizona Let the heat come to you.

For those looking to indulge in their pandemic capsule and create the ultimate warming spa retreat in their own back yard, Spa Fleet’s Finnish-style wood-burning sauna may be just the thing. Spa Fleet’s cedar cloudberry sauna is delivered to your home on weekends or longer with a 14-foot trailer and can accommodate up to 8 people. It includes a changing room, music system and enough firewood to keep the sauna burning for at least 15 hours.

Even better, the device works independently of the mains – the battery lasts about 30 hours, after which you have to plug it in to recharge – so that you can drag the roller sauna into the forest or near a stream or pond to escape independently (or your property of a friend).

This water feature could be useful. “Personally, I like to jump into an ice-cold lake after a sauna,” says Henning Grentz, sauna designer and builder at Spa Fleet, who created Cloudberry to win back Finnish spas from his youth in Northern Germany.

When you drop Cloudberry in your home, Grentz will start the first fire and provide instructions on how to use the systems. After each rental, he uses a four-step cleaning method to sanitize the sauna in between customer uses, including using an ozone sterilizer to kill viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew.

Details: The spa fleet’s coverage area spans a two-hour radius from High Falls in Ulster County – including the Hudson Valley, Catskills and the Capital Area, the Berkshires and Vermont. Rates: $ 650 for up to two nights and $ 125 for each additional night; The discounted weekly rate is $ 1,150.

Whirlpool time machine: give your garden an après-ski flair

Everyone knows that the hot tub is an essential part of any ski or spa weekend. With Best Hot Tubs’ rental program, you can pretend to be relaxing on the slopes from your outdoor patio for a weekend or a season.

A rented hot tub does not require any investment in the electrical infrastructure. While most installed outdoor hot tubs use a lot of electricity to keep the pumps running and stay hot, the smaller plug-and-play plastic hot tubs that are available for rent can be plugged into standard 15 or 20 amp electrical outlets, says Bill Renter, president of the best hot tubs. Don’t have a flat deck or terrace? For an additional fee, they bring gravel to make up for a spot in your yard. They just need to be near an electrical outlet as the tubs don’t operate with an extension cord.

Details: Best Hot Tubs rents a fleet of six hot tubs. The service area is within an hour of Windham, Greene County. Prices range from $ 395 for a weekend rental to $ 3,400 for a three-month seasonal rental. (518) 734-9100

Bathe Like a Boss: Create an Epic Escape into Your Home

Lyon Porter, co-owner of Urban Cowboy Lodge in the Catskills, is pushing to make the mental shift from a shower or bath into a useful experience.

Lyon Porter, co-owner of Urban Cowboy Lodge in the Catskills, is pushing to make the mental shift from a shower or bath into a useful experience.

Courtesy of Urban Cowboy Lodge

For most people, making better use of the bathtub and the space around it is the easiest, and certainly the most affordable, way to channel a spa this winter. And you’d be very trendy. After all, the extremely cool and dreamy Urban Cowboy Lodge in the Catskills makes their soaked tubs the focal point of their rooms for one reason: “We’re obsessed with putting claw-foot tubs outside of the bathroom and entering the spa in the actual bedroom,” says Lyon Porter, co-owner of the Urban Cowboy Lodge.

While whirlpool jets make for a richer spa experience, any whirlpool will do. It matters what you put in and around it: think candles, essential oils, aromatherapy diffusers. “The right lighting … burn some Palo Santo, [using] Bath salts and scrubs “help you find the right attitude towards relaxation,” says Porter, who suggests making the mental shift from a shower or bath to a useful thing to an experience.

What you wear afterwards also counts for something. If you’re working with old and dirty towels, now is a good time to check out the internet for sales and buy new bathroom linens and possibly a new plush coat while you’re at it. Enchasoft Enchante Home Turkish cotton bath towels are about as luxurious as hand towels, but Coyuchi’s organic Mediterranean flatwoven towels might make you think you’re visiting a Turkish bath and not just escaping the privacy of your bathroom.

And about this bathrobe: Porter recommends Pendleton robes and says: “The right robe is very important after you have the perfect bath.”

In-Home Spa Treatments: Increase Personal Pampering

Let’s not ignore other treatments that will improve your home spa game after a long year.

When tired muscles are crying out for more than a hot bath, infrared sauna bags are a great detox option when you can’t get to a spa for a massage, says Lisa Bare, owner of Haven Spa in Rhinebeck, Dutchess County.

She also recommends applying an LED mask if you miss your regular visits to a beautician. The Contour Face Light mask from Omnilux offers “countless benefits for the whole body, but also especially for the skin”, says Bare, praising the skin-soothing and rejuvenating properties of the expensive mask.

After all, you may not be able to physically travel to her spa these days of desire, but Shelley Narath, spa director at the Camelback Inn’s spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, has ideas for untying and relaxing the muscles at home.

“For the ultimate home experience for the massager, I would recommend a Theragun – these devices help you soothe tense muscles at home,” she says. Used in many high-end fitness facilities, Hypervolt by Hyperice is another top massage gun on the market that will help you train your tired winter muscles.

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