Trimble introduces the next generation of paver control for asphalt pavers

Trimble, a US-based service technology software company, has announced the Trimble® Roadworks 2D pavement control platform for asphalt pavers, an automatic screed control system that can improve accuracy and productivity in asphalt paving applications. Trimble Roadworks enables road construction companies to minimize the waste of expensive asphalt material, achieve the best rideability results, and complete their projects on time and cost-effectively.

The company’s innovative next-generation pavement control platform offers intuitive, easy-to-learn software based on the Android operating system. The state-of-the-art system enables operators of all skill levels to work faster and more productively than ever before.

“Trimble Roadworks takes pavement inspection to the next level,” said Kevin Garcia, general manager of Trimble Civil Specialty Solutions. “This new platform takes the intuitive Trimble machine control interface and applies it to asphalt pavers, making it easy to use, easy to learn, and accessible to many different types of contractors.”

Trimble Roadworks can use a variety of 2D references to pave at a fixed thickness. This makes it an ideal lower cost option for roads that have been classified or milled using 3D machine control. It can be used in production paving applications such as highways, state highways, airports and large commercial areas.

With the same interface as the Trimble Earthworks Grade Control Platform and many of the same sensors as the Trimble PCS400 2D pavement control system, current users of Trimble technology require minimal training to get started with Trimble Roadworks.

Intuitive software, flexible hardware

The Trimble Roadworks pavement control application runs on an 18-centimeter Trimble TD510 touchscreen display. With two external keyboards, contractors can easily change sensor values ​​and enter data on site.

The TD510 interface is optimized for productivity with colorful graphics, natural interactions and gestures, and self-recognition functions, making the software intuitive and easy to learn. Using the Android operating system, operators can download other applications that provide additional useful tools in the cab, e.g. B. Weather and communication apps.

Trimble Roadworks can be installed on a wide variety of new and existing asphalt paving machines regardless of manufacturer. The flexible system can be configured with a combination of sound measurement devices, inclination sensors, averaging beam and contact sensors, whereby the sensors can be changed quickly and easily depending on the application. Trimble system components are robust and durable for difficult construction conditions.

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