Trends in kitchen renovation 2021: results of the Houzz survey

Houzz’s study found that almost all kitchen renovation projects – 94% – included cabinet work and 63% replaced kitchen cabinets altogether. However, some opted for partial kitchen updates. Of the 31% who did, 28% added at least some cabinets, a quadrupling from 2019.

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A decrease in the desire for an open concept

Spending more time at home with loved ones can add to the space that you may want or need to keep away from them. While open kitchen designs have been the norm for nearly half a century, according to Bob Vila, they have now fallen out of favor.

In 2021, 43% of people wanted an open concept, compared to 53% in 2019. Homeowners who opened their kitchen to an outside area sat at 22%.

Consistent kitchen expenses year-on-year

On average, major kitchen remodeling projects – where all cabinets and appliances were replaced – that were completed by mid-2020 cost $ 35,000. Meanwhile, a small remodel of a large kitchen costs $ 12,000, compared to $ 5,000 for a small remodel of a small kitchen.

According to HomeAdvisor, a small kitchen remodel that costs between $ 10,000 and $ 15,000 could include installing a tile backsplash, upgrading the sink, replacing the cabinets, and painting the walls. Custom furniture and wood flooring installations, as well as granite countertops, are among the upgrades that could cost $ 30,000 or more.

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Vinyl takes the lead over hardwood floors

Speaking of hardwood floors, it seems that many homeowners are not interested in covering their kitchens with the material. The Houzz survey found that the soil type fell in second place. 23% of homeowners chose it, compared to 24% who preferred ceramic or porcelain tiles in 1st place. The preference for resilient floors such as vinyl continues to gain importance as 19% have chosen it.

Hardwood floors have several advantages and disadvantages, including variety and easy maintenance and installation, according to Architecture Lab. However, they are expensive, sensitive to scratches and require a lot of maintenance.

Neutral tones are king

People renovating their homes continue to opt for neutral beiges, whites, and similar shades with shades of gray. Even so, the color isn’t quite off. Some kitchens contain light-colored pigments like blue walls, gray floors, and multi-colored backsplashes, which accounted for 18% of respondents’ color choices.

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