Transit District installs bus benches, shelters and solar lighting

The South Central Regional Transit District (SCRTD) announced the latest improvements to improve safety and convenience for drivers. Benches and bus stops are installed at twenty transit bus stops in Dona Ana County, including Chaparral, Anthony, Sunland Park, Hatch and Las Cruces.

Bus stops include solar lighting devices that not only create a safer environment at otherwise dark bus stops, but also increase visibility so that bus drivers approaching the bus stop can better see waiting passengers. The SCRTD uses a $ 30,000 grant from the AARP to pay for the banks and shelters. The Transit District is responsible for managing the project, assembling and placing the benches and shelters, as well as the costs of placing the bus pads.

The SCRTD has also initiated a separate lighting project to install stand-alone solar lights at a total of 25 bus stops in Santa Teresa and Sunland Park. The solar lights can remain lit from dusk until dawn. This project is programmed in capital projects of fiscal year 2021 based on the availability of funds.

“The lighting and passenger equipment projects are another step in making the safety of our passengers a priority,” said Javier Perea, SCRTD Chairman and Mayor of Sunland Park. “AARP is proud to support the Transit District as it meets the needs of the community, especially seniors who need a place to rest while they wait for the bus,” said David Lynch, Chapter Las Cruces, AARP.

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