Top Home Remodeling Trends of 2021

Let’s admit it has been a long year. Our homes seem to get boring as we slowly disappear into our all-too-familiar surroundings. Thankfully, Madsen Remodeling has some great news and reason for you to get excited when you think about the interior design trends for 2021. Good Things Utah spoke to these professional artisans to find out what decoration trends will be everywhere in 2021 and what styles, just like our daily commute, will slowly fade in the new year.

Bathroom trends

  • Deep Soaker Tubs & Steam Shower Units
  • Bidets
  • Geometric & abstract tiles

Accent wall trends

  • Cladding / vinyl siding walls
  • Statement walls
  • Earthy, natural warm tones (2021 paint colors)

Kitchen trends

  • Wall distances for open concept living
  • Large islands with storage
  • Light, warm wood / LVP flooring

Madsen Remodeling creates functional spaces and truly original designs for families across the state. Jon and Mike Madsen both cherish the good old days. Easy and hard-working with the family in the center. To learn more, visit Madsen remodeling.

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