Top five reasons to invest in window replacement in 2022 – Today In BC

Are you planning to improve your home’s curb appeal? Window replacement is one of the most popular home renovation projects in 2022. Not only will new windows enhance the overall beauty of your home, but they will also minimize your energy costs and increase the value of your house.

We have compiled a list of top reasons why window replacement in Vancouver is the best renovation to consider for your house. Keep reading!

1. Improved comfort

New windows bring with them added comfort. Usually, homeowners don’t realize how drafty or noisy their homes have become until their windows are replaced and the drafts and noises are reduced.

Homeowners immediately see the benefits of new windows, which include decreased UV exposure and reduced glare on furniture and other home items.

Furthermore, new windows with an updated locking mechanism will make you feel safe, improving your comfort level.

2.Enhanced energy efficiency

You probably experience high gas bills in winter and even higher electricity bills during summer. Most households are struggling to afford such skyrocketing energy bills. Making your home as energy-efficient as possible is the only method to combat this.

Energy efficient windows will prevent warm or cool air from escaping. Additionally, shifting from single to double pane windows will offer better insulation to keep the outside air from penetrating your home.

Shifting from old units to modern double or triple-glazed windows provides up to 55% more energy efficiency, significantly lowering your annual energy bills.

3. Increased home value

If you are thinking about selling your home, replace the windows before putting it up on the market. This will instantly increase the value of your home, giving you a higher return on investment.

In some cases, you can get returns as high as 68%, depending on the type of windows. Canadian vinyl windows offer the highest return (73%) for Vancouver homeowners, boosting your home value and comfort.

4. Save on repair costs

Home maintenance costs are typical for homeowners, especially when doing seasonal touch-ups to keep the lovely appearance of your house. Having old drafty windows will constantly make you deal with maintenance and repairs, requiring you to keep spending more money. This will eventually come to a point when it is no longer feasible to keep paying for temporary solutions. Investing in window replacement will save you money in the long term by putting an end to repairs.

High-quality triple-paned windows are not only energy efficient, but they also act as a barrier in blocking unwanted sounds

5. Noise reduction

Maintaining a quiet and serene home could be difficult if you live in a noisy neighborhood or near airports and freeways.

High-quality triple-paned windows are not only energy efficient, but they also act as a barrier in blocking unwanted sounds. These new units can reduce up to 20% more noise from the outside than double-glazed windows. This means you can take your naps without interruptions and enjoy a peaceful home environment.

take away

Many homeowners are reluctant to invest in a window replacement project because they are unaware of its advantages. Along with providing you with an added sense of security and comfort, it increases your property’s value while reducing energy and repair costs. If you have been putting off your Vancouver window replacement project, now is the perfect time to get started. Good luck!

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