Tips on choosing an eco-friendly garage door

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Switching to an electric vehicle isn’t the only way to go green when it comes to owning vehicles. You can also swap your conventional garage door for a more environmentally friendly one. Here are some helpful tips for choosing a greener garage door.

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Qualities To Look For In An Eco-Friendly Garage Door

Energy efficient

Energy efficiency is key when choosing a green garage door. Make sure you use one that is well insulated. According to Garage Envy, wood and steel are excellent materials for your environmentally friendly garage door. Wooden doors are sealed with wax or resin for added weather resistance, while steel garage doors are naturally good at keeping the elements out because of their density and weight.

Aluminum is usually not a good choice when it comes to insulation. However, you can isolate it to make it a little more energy efficient.

You should also invest in high quality weather strips to further improve your garage’s ability to seal off precipitation and extreme temperatures. This will help extend the life of your garage door, says Creative Door.

Sustainable materials

Garage Envy suggests choosing a recycled steel or scrap wood garage door to conserve the energy and resources required to make a brand new door. If you choose a product from an environmentally friendly manufacturer that uses sustainable methods, Creative Door recommends.

You should also invest in a well-built design so that it will last for many years before you need to replace it. According to Garage Envy, recyclability is another quality to look for so that you can minimize waste when it comes time for a new garage door in the future.

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Two more things to consider

Choose an energy-saving door opener

When shopping for your eco-friendly garage door, don’t forget to think green when choosing a door opener. Garage Envy recommends using an opener that saves electricity when not in use. You can go a step further by using a solar powered opener.

Recycle your old door

For recycling instructions, see the manual for your current garage door. Per Creative Door, at least some, if not all, parts of the door can typically be recycled. You can also search the internet for ways to reuse your old garage door.

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