Tips for the care and maintenance of the autumn lawn | Madison, Wisconsin Homes and Real Estate

2. Decrease watering

Depending on your local fall weather, as well as your type of grass, you may need to keep watering your lawn during the fall season. Cool season grasses grow in regions with cooler or wetter autumn weather. Even if the cool season grasses are still growing in the fall, they may not need additional watering. Warm season grasses are dormant in winter and most likely don’t need additional watering in the fall and winter months. If so, be sure to winterize your sprinkler system and outdoor faucets to prepare for the cold winter months. Would you like to learn more about lawns with low water levels? Read this article here.

3. Ventilate and litter

Lawns in the cool season should be aerated and littered in autumn. Some experts recommend doing this on the same weekend every year, e.g. B. Labor Day weekend, as September is an ideal month for this task. A core aerator removes small “plugs” of grass and soil and helps lawns get more oxygen, sunlight, seeds and fertilization. After aerating a lawn in the cooler season, it’s a good time to sprinkle the area and add the fall fertilization. During the warm season, lawns are aerated in summer and not in autumn.

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