Timeless subway tile floors, backsplashes & patterns

When it comes to home renovations, many trends have a relatively short shelf life. Eventually what was once popular is starting to fade, giving way to the latest designs and subway tile colors. However, subway tile patterns for the kitchen and bathroom do not fall victim to this cycle. Its popularity remains constant, and the tile itself remains timeless.

Omnipresent, classic and easy to work colored subway tiles offer a wealth of decoration and design options for every living or business space.

What is Subway Tile?

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The term subway tile for most people probably brings a thought to glossy white ceramic tile in a rectangular shape. In the tile industry, however, the term refers to size and shape rather than decoration and color. A subway tile is a tile that comes in many different materials such as marble, glass, and porcelain. It can be one color, but it can also be a marble look or a mix of colors. The typical size is 3 “x 6”, but 2 “x 4”, 3 “x 12”, and 4 “x 12” are very popular options.

Here we are going to show you some different types of subway tile and explain why they continue to be a staple in the tile industry.

People have incorporated the traditional 3 × 6 inch rectangle subway wall tile pattern into their homes, kitchens, and modern subway tile bathrooms with subway tile showers. It’s extremely versatile, used in random or traditional patterns, and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Subway tiles can range from neutral grays to the deepest cobalt blue. Choosing vibrant colors is a great way to highlight your kitchen, and you can even vary the colors to create unique and beautiful patterns. Colored subway tiles are a great way to personalize your home.

Subway tile pattern

There is no need to lay subway tiles in what is known as a “runway connection” – consider an elegant herringbone pattern. Subway tile patterns for your bathroom and other spaces add energy and interest to a room. Are you nervous about patterns? Use a pattern only in a connected area like behind the stove for a decorative air.

For a subway backsplash tile idea in the bathroom, try the run connection in a vertical pattern or stacked.

Subway tile in natural stone look

While many subway tiles are made of monochromatic ceramic, there is an entirely different world of marble, travertine, and porcelain. Available in both polished and matte / sanded embellishments, these tiles can add depth and earthiness to your home. If you’re looking for a more rustic option, a drum-edged travertine can give you an old-world feel. Do you want something sleek and modern? Try a polished Dolomite or statue subway tile. For a more traditional, elegant look, the white Carrara is a home run.

Use colorful grout in your subway tile shower

Colored grout is one way to lighten neutral subway tiles in the bathroom. Gray grout and gray tile can create a contemporary look that offsets more complex designs, while a dark gray grout next to a traditional white subway tile can really make it pop. Take a blue glass tile and combine it with beige grout for a fun contrast. We have all 40 Laticrete grout colors in stock to achieve the look you want.

Vary the size of the tiles

Subway tiles are usually medium-sized tiles, but using much smaller or much larger tiles can change their appearance dramatically. You can even incorporate different types and sizes of tiles into the same pattern to create something completely unique to your kitchen or bathroom. Subway tile sizes are so varied that you can find them for virtually any application.

Use in non-traditional places

The subway tile pattern isn’t just designed for kitchens and bathrooms. Foyers, laundry rooms, and dirt traps offer excellent opportunities to use the staggered pattern. Not only does it look incredibly versatile, but the larger 12 “x 24” tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Use it for the front of a replacement or for the front of your bar.

Do you need a new worktop but don’t want to buy a worktop? The porcelain tiles, offset in a subway pattern, are perfect. Commercial buildings and shopping centers have taken advantage of these properties.

From traditional ceramics to durable porcelain, the possibilities are endless and exciting with subway tile. If you are currently designing your bathroom, kitchen, or other living area, there is likely an area that can be enhanced with these timeless tile flooring options.

You can find more ideas for your colored backsplash patterns for subway tiles in our customer photo gallery. Search the subway tiles. Check out the New Jersey tile products available in one of our standard Roxbury tiles. Whether you need to figure out the right subway tile size for your shower or you don’t know where your subway tiles look best, our experts are here to help you find the best subway tile for you .

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