This small functional magnetic kitchen worktop makes optimal use of the compact space

A functional kitchen countertop that uses magnetism to make the most of the vertical space in a kitchen. Truly a clever countertop design suitable for city apartments and small kitchens where saving space is key.

Space is scarce in modern studio apartments due to the limited storage space for furniture or kitchen appliances. The latter is very important to properly organize and use every inch with intuition to save space without affecting function. Easier said than done when it comes to the right look for the kitchen with the right functionality. This is what designer Juliana Juleva wants to achieve with her thoughtful design for a kitchen countertop that uses science to achieve the desired result.

In your opinion (and I also agree), even if you go for the most compact accessories and devices, they still take up a lot of space. This is attributed to their own individual design philosophy and shape. With the smallest appliances and kitchen accessories, the aspect of convenience and practicality remains unfulfilled in any case. In small studio apartments, the kitchen unintentionally takes center stage and the magnetic kitchen proposed by Juliana manages it in the most subtle way. The one square meter magnetic plate that can be seen here is attached to the wall and serves as the basis for the compact worktop with a cutting board that doubles as a foldable sink (or vice versa) and of course the magnetic properties to keep all utensils in place.

The sink can be concealed to increase the working space of the kitchen and can be used as a cutting board for casual use. Anything that sticks to a magnet can be placed on the vertical part – things like spoons, forks, pans, induction hobs, ovens or custom-made shelves that also hold plates and other non-magnetic objects. The limitation here is that the items must be made of metal housings to stay in place. The horizontal worktop makes the space you need for other things such as water bottles or cups. A mini fridge can be placed under the sink area to make the most of the space available.

Designer: Juliana Juleva

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