This particular house cost only $ 109,000 to build

Is it possible to build a home for € 80,000 (that’s roughly $ 87,000)? That was the million dollar question a Portuguese family asked local architect José Carlos Nunes de Oliveira of NoArq. The answer turned out to be not quite, so the family increased their budget to $ 100,000 (or about $ 109,000).

The result is the Mommy House, a “mini bunker” of a 160 square meter house or a generous area of ​​1,722 square meters. The apartment, cast in concrete, is in the shape of a simple cube with oversized windows and rises in the coastal town of Matosinhos north of Porto.

The two-story apartment has an open floor plan with as few partitions as possible and contains only the most basic of finishes. This includes bare concrete walls and simple wood. A wooden stair unit with built-in storage space and a bathroom unit separate the kitchen from the living area on the first floor, where the floors are also made of untreated concrete.

Upstairs there are three bedrooms with wooden floors to create a more cozy space. Floor-to-ceiling windows offer plenty of sunlight and bring a design-oriented element to an otherwise spartan room. There is even a cellar. And while the architects tried to keep material costs down, they instead invested in the energy efficiency of the house.

Via: Dezeen

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