This Category 5 hurricane-proof concrete home is on the market for $ 27.5 million

The concrete-lined bathroom is just behind the kitchen on the second floor. Polycarbonate windows harvest diffused light from inside the home to create the minimal amount of space.

Takumi Ota

David Willens’ South Florida concrete mansion, valued at $ 27.5 million, is built to last. The design includes off-the-shelf beater glass, post-tensioned concrete floor slabs, and a dual fuel generator that helps the house withstand hurricane winds of 180 mph. The house was not damaged after Hurricane Irma. The post-tensioned concrete floors and poured concrete walls were chosen for their durability. The concrete mix contained additives to soften water and protect the house from corrosion.

“‘There is no steel exposed to rust like most Florida homes. Solid concrete is much stronger than the cinder block structure in most Florida homes,” Willens says. “

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