These Eucalyptus Shower Steamers Are An At Home Spa Idea

Along with the soothing music and plush robes, one of the best parts about visiting a spa is the delicious scents. A strong whiff of lavender, eucalyptus, or mint does wonders to calm you — but why wait until your appointment for that feeling? Amazon shoppers claim that this product does the trick at home.

The BodyRestore shower steamers have racked up more than 11,000 five-star ratings at Amazon from customers who gush about the “heavenly,” “refreshing” scent (a combination of eucalyptus and mint) and how it transports them to a luxurious spa right from their own bathroom. Shower steamers dissolve in the bathtub and release essential oils into the air, instantly relaxing you.

This pack comes with 15 tablets, and customers claim that each lasts for over 10 minutes in the tub, making them feel like they’re in “a steam room or spa” the whole time.


buy it BodyRestore Eucalyptus Shower Steamers 15-Pack, $29.97;

Many reviewers shared that they’ve gifted these shower steamers and been met with high praise from their recipients, so if you’re looking for a self-care Valentine’s Day gift that doesn’t involve chocolate or roses, this is just the ticket to nudge your loved one to pamper themselves.

A pleasant fragrance is far from the only thing users love about these shower steamers: Many reviewers claim that they help clear congestion and grogginess, too, with one writing that the steamers provide “immediate results.” Another confirmed that they provided “instant relief” from a headache and chest congestion.

Countless customers also rave about how much these shower steamers aid with sleep, even going so far as to warn other shoppers to only use them before bed because their relaxing effect is so powerful. Reviewers wrote that they get “the best sleep ever” and “sleep soundly through the night” after using one of these shower steamers.

Feel the benefits of a calming spa environment at home and snag these popular shower steamers for yourself or your Valentine now — we can already feel ourselves exhaling.

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