These 15 cups will fill your kitchen cabinets with style and positive energy

If there’s one thing my kitchen can’t get enough of, it’s a cute cup. As a year-round hot chocolate drinker, I refresh my closet with new options every season, and this fall is no exception.

With the prospect of extended remote work, social distancing, and clear days, I stay positive by holding onto all of the things that give me pleasure. Staying at home has given me a new appreciation for my space, which is why I now think about decorating every day.

This fall, I opt for neutral and earthy mugs in the family of burnt orange, beige, brown, and green, as well as textured options that include daily mantras and helpful reminders to keep my mood up. I’ve rounded up a few options that can add personality (and positive energy) to your drinkware collection.

Get ready for cozy couch days and endless refills of your favorite fall drink.

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