The top 10 most popular kitchen colors for 2021

L: deVOL, R: Plain English

Color is one of the most important considerations when designing our dream kitchen, and it influences every aspect of the design imaginable, from flooring to cabinets and countertops. Over the past year, Google searches for “what color should my kitchen paint” have increased 55% as we continue to view home renovations as a priority after the lockdown.’s search data analysis revealed exactly what kitchen colors we search online, and the results include some timeless classics as well as some surprises.

First up is the white kitchen, which has been popular for years, with an average of 84,700 Google searches per month, followed by a country-inspired green and, surprisingly, a dark and dramatic black. Further down the list we find more adventurous options, with plum in sixth place, followed by yellow, pink, and red.

The top 10 most popular kitchen colors in 2021 are:

  1. White
  2. green
  3. black
  4. blue
  5. Gray
  6. plum
  7. saffron
  8. yellow
  9. pink
  10. Red

Psychologist and founder of Dennis Relojo-Howell says, “If you look at the list of top colors, one of them immediately catches your eye: red. Red is something you’ve probably seen in advertisements many times, and There is a good one. It is the color of fire that conveys intensity and passion. Red is also the color that radiates exuberant energy and can therefore also stimulate a hectic atmosphere in a kitchen whets appetite, not only for the kitchen, but also for the dining room. ”

Read on for our interpretation of the most popular kitchen colors 0f 2021 …

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A pristine white kitchen can look like it’s been lifted from the pages of a glossy magazine. Light and airy, this infinitely versatile shade invites you to a minimalist design with clear lines and sleek furniture, while a warmer off-white can be complemented with natural woods, marble and a variety of accessories.

In the picture: The real shaker kitchen at deVOL



With this strong bond with nature, shades of green create a relaxed and informal atmosphere that is perfect for a busy family kitchen. While soft sage tones sit comfortably in a country house ambience, with Shaker-style cabinets and classic wooden floors, a deep forest green creates an atmospheric and refined feeling.

Pictured: Country Living Whitstable Kitchen at Homebase



A well-executed black kitchen is clean and straightforward, inviting a wide variety of options for complementary color combinations and metalwork. Bold and moody in expression, if a little difficult to make, black kitchens are most effective when you embrace the theme fully, like these all-black Hartford kitchen cabinets by Tom Howley.

Pictured: Hartford Kitchen at Tom Howley’s



A more forgiving shade than all black. Inky blues are usually paired with light woods and creamy countertops to offset the heaviness that comes with a dark color. Greener variations like teal or sapphire result in richer undertones that highlight brass or gold metal work.

Pictured: Chichester Kitchen at Neptune



One of the more sophisticated hues for a kitchen, suitable for traditional kitchens, with matte charcoal cabinets and warm wood surfaces, or more modern and industrial styles with clean lines and sleek metalwork. And forms a brilliant basis for an abundance of colors, from pale blue to deep burgundy red.

Pictured: Country Living Whitstable Kitchen at Homebase



This deep and romantic shade is a surprising entry into the top 10 most popular kitchen colors. In brilliant autumn quality, plum colors bring warmth and cosiness to the family kitchen all year round.

Pictured: Shaker Kitchen from Wren Kitchens



A rich and flavorful shade in seventh place of the most popular kitchen colors – saffron is surprisingly versatile, with warm oranges that complement deep burgundy, dark browns, and, as you can see here, cooler gray or ink blue tones.

In the picture: The real shaker kitchen at deVOL



A joyful pick that’s just about to make it into the top 10 most popular kitchen colors for 2021. A soft egg yolk, sunnier than spicy saffron, lights up a room and provides a deceptively versatile base for highlights from primary blue, a rich aubergine, sky blue, and even burnt orange.

Pictured: Kitchen from Plain English



Pink kitchens require a keen eye to avoid an overly sugary result. Rich or chalky pinks can be a versatile and sophisticated choice, especially when used on shaker cabinets and paired with natural materials like deep mahogany or classic white marble.

Pictured: Kitchen from Plain English



Red is a good choice for adding value to darker rooms without a lot of natural light. Combining red furniture or even red walls with raw materials like natural wood and stone offsets the risk of your red tones appearing too bright or garish.

Pictured: Kitchen from Plain English

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