The road construction company lives from asphalt pavers on wheels

ST Bunn Construction uses the paver Super 1703-3i in the parking lot.

In the past two years, ST Bunn Construction Co. has acquired two 10-footers. Super 2003-3i paver with rear-mounted VR 600 screeds and an 8-foot. Super 1703-3i paver with VF 500 front screed, all wheeled pavers from Vögele.

“I’ve owned tracked pavers and wheeled pavers, and in our experience, wheeled pavers are cheaper to operate. There will always be times when we need a tracked paver. North of here we can get some very steep roads where we need them.” the traction of a tracked paver, and sometimes we work in ground conditions where we need a tracked paver, ”says ST“ Sonny ”Bunn Jr., president of the Tuscaloosa, AL contractor.

While both wheel and chain pavers lay down fine mats, it is the mobility of the wheel paver that appeals to ST Bunn Construction.

“I can’t tell the difference in the quality of work between the wheel and the caterpillar,” says Bunn. “We don’t see any significant difference in the smoothness of the mat with a tracked paver versus a rubber-tyred paver. However, if you do multiple jobs in small towns or even in the town of Tuscaloosa, we can drive on the road.” the paver from one job to the next is faster than a chain paver can. “

“We have always had a great relationship with our distributor, Tractor & Equipment Co., who is behind their products. That’s why I bought two Super 2003-3i pavers with the VR 600 rear-mounted screeds in 2017. We both bought units at the same time Time and have won several awards for their performance. “

Bunn’s Super 1703-3i paver has an 8-foot. VF 500 front-mounted screed from Vögele and was acquired in April 2019.

Paver mobility became apparent when Bunn paved a parking lot for a new school under construction in Buhl, AL, west of Tuscaloosa County. There the Super 1703-3i placed asphalt on a base layer in tight radii around curves and curbs, but also with long pulls in one direction, so that the paver had to drive back in the same direction for another run. A Hamm DV + 70i VV-S roller with split drums at the front and rear compacted the parking lot.

Bunn’s Vögele pavers have performed so well in recent years that they have received multiple awards for their paving performance. Additionally, they let ST Bunn Construction shape the community in rewarding ways and be proud of what they do.

“I’ve always tried to buy the best equipment that I think does the best job. It takes attention to detail, more care, and a little extra work to do a really good job.” Bunn says. “We live here and we try to do the best possible job.”

Tom Kuennen is a freelance writer in the land transportation industry and can be reached at

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