The Recorder – Royalston’s Nartowicz Tree Service branching out with second location in Gill

Published: 12/22/2022 1:10:08 PM

Modified: 12/22/2022 1:07:23 PM

GILL — A Royalston-based tree-cutting company plans to open a second location in Gill in April, providing Pioneer Valley residents with the option of purchasing wood products from a local source.

The 444 Main Road property used to have a garage and farming equipment storage, but will soon be rented to Nartowicz Tree Service, giving the business two central locations for both the North Quabbin and Pioneer Valley regions. The business offers crane services for tree removal, lot clearing, stump grinding and cords of firewood.

Kyle Nartowicz, owner of Nartowicz Tree Service, said this expansion “is a natural progression with our business” and “will only add to the services we currently provide,” such as sawmill services and retail options to view, buy or order wood products from the mill like softwood and hardwood slabs. Nartowicz said the mill can cut up to 60-inch-wide logs.

The expansion also allows for a more environmentally friendly approach to providing these services, he said.

“We will save on fuel and decrease emissions with this new location,” he wrote in an email. “As a tree service, we are very conscious of emissions and the effect they have on the environment. We wanted a central location for our trucks and equipment so we could cut down emissions and fuel, and keep the mileage low on our equipment.”

Nartowicz started the business in 2009 as Kyle’s Mountain Care, a landscaping service in Royalston. After a couple of years, Nartowicz began to focus on trees.

“I have many plans to expand with new projects starting in 2023,” he wrote. “We have been servicing the town of Gil and surrounding towns since the beginning, and we will continue to offer professional tree services to those in the Pioneer Valley and the North Quabbin region.”

Although Nartowicz said the Gill location will open in April, milling services will begin in January, giving locals the option of purchasing wood products from a local source.

Customers interested in milling services should call 413-325-5985 or email [email protected] Customers can also order wood, which Nartowicz Tree Service will deliver for a fee.

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