The Quinn & Guerrero-Cuellar service office is holding a meeting to replace soundproof windows


Local community organizations jointly host events to help members of the Midway community find replacements for problematic, smelly windows

Ald. Marty Quinn and Rep. Angie Guerrero-Cuellar, along with other community leaders, held a meeting at 6:30 p.m. Monday, April 12, to provide homeowners with details on testing and replacing soundproof windows that emit malodorous gas.

Residents who have installed soundproofed windows due to the proximity of their homes to Midway Airport are requested to register for replacement windows as soon as possible. Over 10,000 residents who live on the 13th, 14th and 23rd stations can qualify for window replacement. To qualify for window replacements, homeowners must: 1) schedule an inspection within six months of official notification from the Chicago Department of Aviation, and 2) obtain at least one window certified for degassing.

Midway Airport

“We know that problems with soundproof windows have plagued our community for a long time and that many residents are affected by the nuisance,” said Guerrero-Cuellar. “I strive to find solutions for every resident who has been burdened by soundproof windows that should keep their families safe and comfortable, but have instead created all sorts of problems.”

The meeting’s discussion will provide further recommendations to the Advisory Committee of the Residential Sound Insulation Program, a group established by state law that meets monthly to address problematic windows across the Midway community. Quinn has been working on the problem for years to address the problem.

“I applaud Rep. Guerrero-Cuellar for immediately addressing this issue and understanding its importance to the Midway community,” said Quinn. “Angie has spoken door-to-door with residents, held a series of meetings on the subject, and worked to help Midway residents resolve an issue that is affecting their quality of life.”

Pamela Zidarich, a Midway resident who installed the soundproof windows, has been dealing with the smelly windows for years. She raised the problem with city officials and worked to help other residents get their windows tested and replaced.

“I will not stop until all of these terrible windows in our community are replaced,” said Zidarich. “I salute Rep. Guerrero-Cuellar for being involved in this important project and Ald. Quinn for all he’s done to replace those windows in our homes. “

Eddie Guillen, who has worked closely with Zidarich, also encourages residents to sign up for replacement windows.

“We know there are many local residents who qualify for window replacements,” said Guillen. “We hope people act quickly to have windows tested and replaced so we can reassure homeowners in the Midway community.”




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