The pigeon prevention project aims to reduce the pest population by almost three quarters

A project to reduce pigeon populations with contraceptive feed has started with the aim of reducing the number by more than 70%.

The project aims to control the number of pigeons without resorting to cruel means such as shooting.

In April 2018, the Ministry of the Environment condemned attempts by the Vittoriosa municipal council to kill unwanted pigeons by shooting them.

Pest control officer Arnold Sciberras, who leads the project, said a targeted contraceptive feeding program will use feed silos to attract the pigeons.

At these stations, the wild birds are regularly and routinely fed so that the birds get used to going to the same feeding point at the same time.

Sciberras said this will be a three year program. “It may take longer, that’s not an issue, but we have to make sure that the pigeon nuisance no longer continues.”

He also said that contraception has no effect on racing pigeons as they are trained to eat from their stall at certain times.

Sciberras also said that the contraceptive must be ingested by the birds for a long time in order for the contraception to work.

“If a racing pigeon accidentally eats the contraceptive food, it will not be affected,” he said.

Arnold Sciberras will be interviewed on MaltaToday’s online show From The Fringe over the coming weeks.

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