The Pepsi Home Spa Kit leaves you relaxed and smells like … Pepsi

Pepsi has launched a spa kit to help its customers relax and freshen up at home after the stress of the pandemic.

The limited-edition skincare kit was a “reward” for customers who entered Pepsi’s sweepstakes on their Twitter account last week. The range consists of three items – a scrub with Pepsi scent, a face mask with Pepsi blue and a bath bomb with Pepsi scent. All of them come in environmentally friendly packaging.

The company said the idea of ​​the spa kit came about as people dealt with the stress of the ongoing pandemic and preparations for the holiday season. In September, parent company PepsiCo also launched the sleep aid Driftwell to help customers facing stress and sleep problems during Covid-19.

It’s not just wellness that Pepsi is expanding its brand name – it launched an online fashion collection last year with items designed in collaboration with Alexander Wang, Urban Outfitters, and others.

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