The Palm Coast American Disabled Veterans honor veterans with plaque paving stones

The flagpole in front of Disabled American Veteran Jim Boone Chapter 86 in Palm Coast will soon be surrounded by bricks honoring local veterans and stones commemorating the various branches of the U.S. military, DAV and DAV Auxiliary.

During the “Walk of Heroes” fundraising event on Wednesday May 2nd, a total of 680 bricks were stacked in front of the DAV at 27 Florida Park Drive. The DAV sells memorial paving stones to the public as a permanent tribute to the locals, veterans and their spouses.

Each stone is approximately 4 by 8 by 2 inches and has a logo (if desired) and three lines of 15 characters per line. For a limited time, the pavers are priced one for $ 45, two for $ 40, and three for $ 35 each.

“We’re trying to limit it to DAV members’ spouses because we want to make sure we have enough for it, but we’re not going to limit it to that,” said DAV Colonel Joey Boyles.

Granite displays will serve as memorials from World War I to the current wars in Southwest Asia. The WWII memorial is already there – thanks to The Home Depot and Luxury Kitchens and Baths for donating material, time and labor. The DAV is asking for donations to buy and install the remaining monuments.

This project took weeks as the DAV worked with the City of Palm Coast to get a permit. First, the city needed a fence, landscaping, and irrigation for the project, said DAV’s Ernie Morris. Following emails between the city and the Palm Coast Observer following the opening ceremony on May 2nd and a clarification between the city and the DAV, a new permit was finalized and approved on May 4th without the previous requirements.

The DAV hopes to start construction on the project soon after the updated permit has been approved.

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