The Memphis family continue to have disgusting installation problems at the local apartment complex

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A family from the Middle South continues to see disgusting problems with the installation even after the apartment management said the issues have been fixed.

Shandreka Adams and her young children haven’t been to their Creekside Meadows Apartments in weeks while management worked to keep sewage and sewage out of their unit.

“They told me everything was fixed. I have emails and everything, ”she said.

Then there was another problem. As she prepared a hot meal for her children, brown water leaked from the ceiling and cracked walls. She called management and was told the problem was due to problems in the apartment above hers.

“The guy said he had to see what was going on, but he never came back with me,” she said.

Woman desperate for help while sewage pours into home

WREG tried to call management when we investigated this issue earlier this month but they never responded. This time, Peter Fleischer from WREG went to their offices to get answers. Rather than answering questions, a manager kicked our crew off the property and refused to comment on the issues.

We have since been told that management is talking about a discount on the rent or possibly even leaving the family out of their lease. In the meantime, we reached out to the Memphis Code Enforcement Office to find out how many violations the complex had in 2021. The database confirmed violations, but we’re still waiting for the exact number.

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