The Louisville family is renovating a four bed colonial house

Holly and Kevin Sadowski felt like they had room for their family of four in their four bedroom colonial home in the center of the hall. But as their two young children grew into teenagers, it became clear that the place on a quiet street in Louisville’s Brownsboro Zorn neighborhood wasn’t perfect for the family’s needs.

“We knew we had the space; We just didn’t necessarily have the right layout for us, ”said Kevin. “We have two teenagers and a dog; We needed a breakup. So we wanted to either move or renovate – ‘love it or list it’. “

A better build

The Sadowskis began selling other homes in town, but Kevin knew he wanted to keep the family in their Brownsboro Zorn home.

“I wanted to stay here,” he said. “We’re close to everything (and) the neighborhood is great. We just couldn’t see a concept that really worked until (Bailey Remodeling) laid it out well for us. “

After the plans were finalized, the family packed up and moved to an Airbnb for three months. She stopped by occasionally to see how things were going.

“We tried to limit it to once a week just so we’d be surprised,” said Kevin. “(It) was cool to see the progress.”

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Reconfiguring the first floor of their home involved converting the pantry into a dirt room, adding a half bath, converting the dining room into Kevin’s office, and using much of the back to create a large, open kitchen. Other improvements include painting the yellow walls gray, refinishing the wooden floors and installing a new working fireplace.

Children’s corners

A crucial part of the remodeling was creating a space specifically for the children. The basement, which was once empty and unfinished, played an important role in this.

“The basement was a dungeon before,” said Kevin. “(It) was (full of) cobwebs; totally filthy. With two teenagers we just wanted a place where they could hang out and call themselves. “

Now the cozy basement is completely finished and carpeted. It has seating, a TV, and large shelves for Madelyn and Nolan’s board game collection.

Madelyn also got an upgrade upstairs. While her bedroom itself hasn’t seen any major changes, part of the renovation has been converting a closet into a full bath.

“She has her own little apartment now,” Kevin said with a laugh.

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Functional for the family

Perhaps the most impactful aspect of the Sadowski family home renovation was moving from one full, functional bathroom to three. The original shower in the main bathroom was unusable, Kevin said. The only other bathroom was the one the family of four showered in every day for five years.

“I think we just got used to it somehow and it was fine,” Madelyn said with a chuckle. “(But) when (the renovation was finished) and I just couldn’t have to wait for someone to shower and just go in whenever I wanted … it was nice.”

In addition to a significantly improved toilet situation, the family’s new kitchen offers brand-new appliances, additional seating, more space for cooking and preparing food, and a direct view of the backyard. It’s also Kevin’s favorite place in the house.

“We wanted to keep everything simple and as neutral as possible,” he said. “We originally wanted to make all the cabinets gray, but we changed our minds at the last minute – we thought it was too gray and I’m glad we did. I think the white stands out on the glass cabinets. “

Most of the space is made up of flat whites and grays. An elaborately designed backsplash provides color and texture.

“The place (we bought it) came with the suggestion,” said Kevin. “If we wanted to do something funky, they recommended putting the accent piece (on and) that we liked. We thought it went well with the colors. “

Kevin added that there was barely enough room in their former pantry for everyone to walk around without bumping into each other. The new room features a quartz island that is approximately 5 by 9 feet and has more than enough seating for the whole family.

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“That was a necessity – to have a good island,” said Kevin. “I was afraid that it would be too small. When they had it sketched on the floor, I said, “This is not as big as I thought.” (But) that was actually the outline for the cabinet and not the overhang, so I was happy. “

Kevin is not only happy with the way the island has gone. When he thinks about the entire renovation process and remodeling his home, he is happy with the overall result.

“Our wish list was pretty extensive,” he said. “The must-haves were a nice big kitchen and nice, huge working bathroom shower, (and) the kids wanted their own space downstairs (as well as) the bathroom upstairs – (and) we could get it all.”

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screws and nuts

owner: Holly and Kevin Sadowski. Holly is a learning needs specialist and Kevin is a commercial real estate agent. The couple’s children, Madelyn (15) and Nolan (13), and the family dog ​​Lucy are also at home.

At home: This is a 4 bed, 3 ½ bath, 3,400 square foot colonial house in the central hall built in the Brownsboro Zorn area of ​​Louisville in 1939. The house was expanded in 1989.

Distinguishing features: Large open kitchen with a huge 5 by 9 foot island; Glass cabinets in the kitchen, newly finished basement converted into child-friendly play area; three bathrooms upstairs; large walk-in master bath shower with rainfall showerhead; newly reworked wooden floors.

Applause! Applause! The Sadowskis would like to thank Bailey Remodeling for developing great design ideas, communicating them well, and delivering them on time and on budget.

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